You’ve probably been wondering for a while now: is it safe to travel during Covid?

We’ve been stuck inside for 6+ months, and, like me, you’ve probably craving some travel time and new experiences.

But, of course, there are some fears and worries that come with traveling now. And I understand all of them.

But think about this: the world has implemented several regulations in order to keep people safe. So safe is what we’ll be. 

As long as we follow safety precautions and look out for ourselves and those around us, we will not get sick. AND we’ll still be able to travel and make great memories.

PLUS, with all of these regulations in place and several other people staying at home, now is definitely the best time to travel!

So without further ado, here are all of the reasons why you should travel during Covid!

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Travel During Covid = Awesome! Reasons Below:

  • Many states, such as Hawaii, are requiring you to take a rapid covid test at least 72 hours before arrival. This helps ensure that all travelers are safe prior to travel, and it helps limit Covid exposure.
  • Some airlines, such as United, are providing Covid tests for an extra fee for those traveling to Hawaii from certain airports.
  • There’s extra sanitation at TSA checkpoints and aboard airplanes. It’s reassuring to know that there are plenty of opportunities for us to stay sanitary.
  • Fly during off times for less crowded planes and even less risk!
  • Have children practice wearing facial coverings. Masks are required in many cities and often in common areas in hotels. 
  • If you’d rather not fly, travel closer to home. Travel more local to home has become much more popular these days, and it opens your eyes to more comfortable possibilities.
  • Hotels have modified housekeeping now to keep us safe. They are wrapping and sanitizing things like remotes in hotel rooms.

  • I strongly encourage travel insurance now more than ever to keep you and your loved ones protected.
  • If you want the ability to “cancel for any reason,” make sure your policy covers this.
  • For something a little further from home, these islands are open.
    • Saint Lucia
    • Turks and Caicos
    • Dominican Republic
    • Antigua
    • Jamaica
    • Aruba
  • There are 5+ new TSA guidelines in place to help keep you safe. With these in place, you can travel during Covid without worrying about anything!
    • You won’t hand your boarding pass to a TSA officer, which helps limit contact.
    • Ensure all prohibited items are out of your bag, because if you don’t, you may have to wait in line for security all over again.
    • Make sure you’re always at least 6 feet apart from other travelers.
    • You must wear face protection (mask, bandana, etc.).
    • All TSA officers must wear masks and gloves to keep everyone at the airport safe.
    • They consistently clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
    • And many more!

In Conclusion…

There are still plenty of ways that you can explore and travel during Covid while staying safe. 

It’s a great time to explore all the United States has to offer. If you would like a dream vacation closer to home planned fully so that you don’t have to worry about any of the details? Request a free quote from me to get started!