Would it shock you to know that even amusement park-haters LOVE Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

That’s because this park is so much more than just rides and attractions. It’s an immersion into another world (a wild one at that). Or maybe a few different worlds!

You get so many opportunities to experience life and adventure, thrills and peace. And it doesn’t end there!

Interested in getting a quick flash of what Disney’s youngest park has to offer?

Then without further ado, here are some quick points on why Disney’s Animal Kingdom should be your next trip!

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Quick Insight Into Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • It’s definitely not your average theme park. In fact, most people who don’t like theme parks like Animal Kingdom because it has so much more than just rides. 
  • Animals are found throughout the park, so it’s a fun way to break up your day!
  • The biggest attraction to date is the Flight of Passage. You’ll want to hit that one before park opening or close to park closing for shorter wait times. 
  • The Lion King show is one of my favorites in all of Disney, so make sure you add it to your schedule! They perform all your favorite songs from the movie and it’s just a beautiful performance.
  • You cannot miss the safari. Try going at different times of the day to see different animals at different times. First thing in the morning and at dusk are some of the best times to go to see your favorites!
  • Healthier food options at Satuli canteen and Yak and Yeti (including gluten free and vegetarian) 
  • The night show, Rivers of Light, is absolutely worth the wait into the evening. It is a gorgeous display of water and light, and a wonderful contrast to typical firework shows. Definitely a must-see!
  • You can see all sorts of animals AND characters that you won’t see at any other park in Disney! Keep your eyes out for some fun friends… Kevin, anyone?

In Conclusion…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom must make your to-do list when you travel to Disney. There are too many opportunities to explore different worlds and embrace all the life and love in the world. 

But don’t think we’re going to end here! In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing blog posts on how to make the most of Animal Kingdom for kids and adults alike. So stay tuned for that!

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