Disney World has started its reopening process after closing due to COVID-19, and I am beyond excited to return to the magic!

Of course, even with the parks reopening, please keep your distance from other people, wear a mask, keep hand sanitizer on you, and stay safe.

But after being stuck inside without access to the wonderful world of Disney, there are so many aspects of Disney that I have dearly missed. And I cannot wait to experience them again!

Amazing cast members and characters

Half of the magic comes from the amazing people that keep this park running: the talented cast members and characters. They are the people that answer your questions, that give you hugs and fun memories, that add that little sprinkle of pixie dust to your day when you least expect it. 

The cast members and characters are very well-trained, and they’ll go out of their way to make sure your days in Disney are extra magical. Some of the things they do include: draw beautiful sketches on the ground with water, console your crying children with free snacks, guide you across the park when you get lost, get you reservations at packed restaurants, and even more!

Comfy resorts and everything they offer

I miss all of the amenities and events that come with the resorts on Disney property. The resorts really allow you to immerse yourself into the Disney environment, and you get access to benefits that normal park visitors don’t get, such as extra Fastpasses, early and late magic hours at the parks, free activities and events at the resorts, and more. 

Each resort is special too and tailored for different families. If you want a tropical-like resort with a beach and good for kids, the Polynesian resort is your best bet. If you want to see animals every day and love Animal Kingdom, you have to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

Each resort contains its own magic, and I can’t wait to experience that magic once again.

Thrilling and interactive rides

One of the most amazing things about Disney compared to common amusement parks is the fun rides that are more than just your typical roller coasters. They incorporate the best parts about Disney shows and movies, and they even have small interactive components that never fail to put smiles on faces, both young and older alike.

Disney does a great job of combining rides for people who love a thriller and for people that want to just enjoy the atmosphere. You can hop on the dark, loop-intense Rockin’ Roller Coaster at one park, then enjoy the music-filled Frozen ride at another.

The rides at Disney are always guaranteed to keep everyone in your party happy, and the thrill of rides like that have been sorely missed throughout quarantine.

Delicious food options

Of course, we must talk about food when it comes to Disney! The food and drinks that Disney offers are always fun and easy to eat, plus they always include a silly twist (they add light-up cubes to drinks, sell Mickey-shaped foods, the list goes on). 

Disney also does an amazing job keeping allergies, diets, and eating habits in mind. Just let the cast members know and you’ll get meals tailored to your needs and JUST AS DELICIOUS!

Magical atmosphere and transportation to another world

The best part about Disney is the fact that it feels like you’re entering a whole new world. There’s nothing like that feeling when you walk through the tunnel to Main Street in Magic Kingdom, and then walking up to the beautiful castle. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Each park and resort makes you feel like you’ve entered a magical place, and it really enhances the enjoyment and fun of every vacation to Disney. And it’s definitely the thing I’ve missed the most.

How much have you missed Disney during quarantine? I’d love to know; share your thoughts about Disney on my Facebook page, or reach out if you’d like to hear more.

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