I keep seeings questions like these related to the Disney precautions in place after Disney’s reopening:

What are the new changes Disney’s been making?

Is it really safe to go to Disney World right now?

What is Disney doing to guarantee we will be safe if we go?

Disney is absolutely doing the best it can to ensure the safety of everyone entering the Disney property, and by following the regulations, you and your travel party will be completely fine.

I trust Disney 100%, and many people have told me that they feel safer there than at their local grocery store. 

So what are some of the Disney precautions in place to ensure your safety? Here I’ll talk about the top 3 Disney precautions here to keep everyone happy and healthy!

Masks Are Mandatory

Masks are now a requirement when entering the Disney parks, and unfortunately, you and your travel party won’t be allowed in unless you all have one. The masks also must have ear loops (no exceptions to this rule), so garters or bandanas are not allowed. This is to protect the cast members, other guests, and you. 

That being said, now is a great time to go if you want to experience the magic of Disney because there are no crowds at Disney at this time. 

Enhanced Cleaning

Disney cast members are taking all the additional steps to ensure every surface is thoroughly cleaned throughout the day. In order to ensure that germs aren’t spreading to others, they are taking extra to clean high-traffic areas, such as elevators, handrails, benches, tables, restrooms, and transportation.

Even for Disney resorts, the housekeeping services are enhancing their cleaning routines to provide a thorough cleaning of all areas of the resorts and the rooms themselves.

Enhanced cleaning guarantees a hugely decreased risk of spreading anything around, and the Disney precautions are here to protect you.

Distancing with the New Park Pass Reservation System

Now in order to enter one of the parks, you and your travel party must reserve your spots at one park per day. This new system allows Disney to regulate how many people can be in the park at one time. And it helps ensure that social distancing is still in place.

There are actually tons of benefits that come with this new reservation system, including…

  • Much smaller crowds
  • Less waiting time for attractions
  • Easier to make plans each day

Many of us (including myself) have been looking forward to visiting the parks for several months now. And it is very reassuring to see the Disney precautions in place to protect us.

If you want to read more about these new Disney precautions, head on over to Disney’s website to see how much effort Disney is putting in to guarantee your safety and happiness.

And if you are ready to start planning your dream vacation with less stress, people, and wait-time (with more fun and magic), request a FREE quote from me so we can get started!

Have a magical day!