When you find yourself dreaming about your next Disney vacation, what’s the first thing you do when coming up with ideas?

You look up those Disney World photos!

And then you romanticize yourself being there and having that picture… and then it feels so much more real (those Instagram pictures in Disney really spark that desire).

But there are so many different places to visit and take pictures… how do you know which places to prioritize and when to take that dreamy photo?

Well, let’s name those top 10 best places for photos in Disney so that you can target those locations for your vacation to Disney. 

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Photo Spot #1: Floating Islands of Pandora, Animal Kingdom

This area from the fantastical movie “Avatar” is one of the most gorgeous areas to walk around in Disney! The floating islands are nothing to sneeze at, and the unique fauna are so fun to take pictures of. 

If you want to get the best snapshots with these islands, I recommend heading there nice and early when the park first opens during its “Early Magic Hours.” 

Everyone will be trying to hop on rides, which means that the rest of the park will be empty enough for you to get photos with the islands without a ton of people getting in your way.

Photo Spot #2: Millenium Falcon in Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios

Star Wars fan or not, this is one sight you won’t want to miss! In the back corner of Galaxy’s Edge, you can walk up to the Millenium Falcon (which is also an interactive ride where you can, get this, fly the large lightship yourself!) and take some amazing photos!

It gets really crowded during the day, so if you want to get those perfect shots, I recommend going later at night when the crowds have thinned out due to dinner or exhaustion after a long day.

You’re guaranteed to get several shots with the Millenium Falcon without people getting in the way, and the light effects will kick your shot up to a new level!

Photo Spot #3: Tree of Life Wall Art, Animal Kingdom

Street art and graffiti are always popular shots when traveling, but most of them don’t hold a candle to this gorgeous wall art of the Tree of Life! This masterpiece can be found on the way to the Pandora area, and it’s a great way to get a beautiful shot of just you and/or your family. 

Since it’s a standalone piece, you can go take shots whenever you please, but I recommend doing it during the daytime where you can appreciate the artwork at its best.

Photo Spot #4: Left Side of Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle is a classic and must-have shot when you travel to Disney, but most people assume that the best shot is directly in front of the castle. In fact, you can get just as good a shot with the castle with fewer people and better views if you just walk slightly off to the left towards Adventure Land.

Take this shot first thing when you get to the park when it opens, or wait until late afternoon. You won’t have to worry as much about people walking in front of your shot, and you can see the moat there as well, making your castle shot even more magical!

Photo Spot #5: World Showcase and Spaceship Earth, Epcot

Another iconic shot to take is in front of the Spaceship Earth (the “Golfball”) right when you enter the park, but you can take an amazing shot with Spaceship Earth AND World Showcase if you’re willing to walk to the other side of the park.

Just walk to Japan around sunset, stand in front of the replica of the Itsukushima shrine, and take a shot. You’ll end up with a beautiful picture with the shrine, the golfball, and parts of World Showcase, all in one photo! And the sunset adds so much color to it!

Photo Spot #6: Rise of the Resistance with Stormtroopers, Hollywood Studios

This ride just opened early December ‘19, and it added not only an incredible ride to Disney’s roster, but it also opened up tons of amazing photo ops, including this one with the Stormtroopers!

In the middle of the ride, you end up on an Imperial ship facing dozens of Stormtroopers, and they give you a few minutes to take your pictures before proceeding with the ride. So line yourself up and get those amazing shots in before you continue with the rest of the amazing ride!

Photo Spot #7: Sunset Boulevard in front of the Twilight of Terror, Hollywood Studios

Want a classy, almost-vintage style photo with the family with an iconic ride in the background? Sunset Boulevard is your destination! 

Take your shot as you’re walking down the street with the Twilight of Terror in the background. The best times for this are first thing when the park opens when there are the fewest people, or around sunset for the light as it hits the tower. 

Photo Spot #8: Boardwalk by Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Here’s a fun place to walk, eat, and take some photos! Disney’s Boardwalk Resort has an amazing white boardwalk that you can walk along and take some fun pictures with a pretty lake in the background.

The boardwalk never gets that busy because most people are at the parks, so you can go whenever you please, but if you want the best lighting or fewest people, late afternoon to sunset is the best time for these photos!

Plus you can rent a family bike and bike on the boardwalk, which allows for both a fun experience and fun photos!

Photo Spot #9: Bridge by Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain is a very typical ride (and a must-do, if you ask me), and it’s also a great place to take a picture! There’s a bridge that passes right in front of the ride, and you can get your picture as one of the logs from the ride plummets in the background!

This area tends to be busy consistently throughout the day, but if you hop over there early in the morning or around lunchtime, you can catch a shot without getting interrupted.

Photo Spot #10: Spaceship Earth and Monorail, Epcot

We’re back to the golfball itself, but there’s another amazing opportunity to get a shot with Spaceship Earth with the monorail going by! It’s a beautiful shot with the flowers, the pond, the golfball, the monorail… it’s everything you need in one!

The best time to get that shot is late afternoon to sunset, when the sky is at its most colorful and the golfball is starting to light up. There will still be plenty of people walking around, but it’s a shot you can’t miss!

Get Those Photos For Yourself!

There are amazing places to take pictures all around Disney World, but these are definitely our favorites! Some of these options include fan favorites, some are a bit more unique, and they’re all great ways to store precious memories from your trip. 

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