“I don’t want to think about travel insurance; I’m already spending all of this money on my vacation. Now I have to consider this thing too?”

Sound familiar? You’re not the only person that has hesitations about travel insurance. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most people just pass on travel insurance because they don’t want to think about it.

But that’s because it’s too easy to forget everything that comes with travel insurance. You can save yourself so many headaches, so many worries, and so much money by investing in that little bit of travel insurance.

But I get it. There are a bunch of hesitations that can come with travel insurance. You call them hesitations though; I call them MYTHS!

Don’t believe me? Well, that’s why this blog exists!

So without further ado, here are the top myths about travel insurance that we can debunk right here!

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Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive

Of all the myths about travel insurance, this one is just wrong. Actually, it’s incredibly affordable! You can choose a plan that suits you, your companions, and your itinerary. You can often get a no-obligation quote so you can figure how much it would cost for your trip and if it is worth it (see last week’s blog post for reference). Plus, it’s more expensive for you to not invest in travel insurance and then have an incident occur with no chance to get any money back.

Myth #2: All Travel Plans Look The Same

Not a single plan is the same! They may look similar at first glance, but each one provides a different level and priority of coverage. You need to make sure you’re choosing one that appropriately applies to your particular vacation. This way you can only pay enough to cover yourself and feel safe enough to make the most of your trip!

Myth #3: My Claim Won’t Get Paid Anyway

Don’t worry; I can definitely help ensure that your claim goes through. It’s important to carefully review the rules for each travel insurance plan so that the plan suits you the most. And we can definitely do that together so that your claim will go through, should something happen. 

Myth #4: My Existing Coverage is Enough

It’s true that some people have a bit of coverage from other sources. However, these outside coverages are often very limited and have a lot more rules. Travel insurance can cover a lot more things related to your trip and any accidents that could happen. So you’ll actually be a lot safer paying just a bit more for the travel insurance than betting on your current coverage.

Myth #5: Nothing Will Happen To Me

We all are prone to thinking “Nothing has happened to me yet, so I’ll be fine.” But life is unpredictable (hey hey, Covid anyone?). What if your trip is suddenly delayed, or if you get sick, or if there’s an emergency at home? We are all susceptible to random occurrences, and it is much safer to prepare for the worst so that we can enjoy the best. That $10 you spend on travel insurance could save you $10,000+ in bills.

In Conclusion…

I listed these big 5 myths about travel insurance, but these aren’t even all of the ones out there. There are a ton of myths surrounding this topic, and they are all worth consideration. And I know that it sounds like a headache.

But that’s what I’m here for! 

You don’t have to consider travel insurance alone. You don’t even have to do the research. I can easily help you choose a travel insurance plan that suits you, even if you don’t book a vacation through me! I just want to help you have the vacation of your life without all of the stress and headache. So let’s do it together!

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