I needed to take a staycation during Covid. And I’m so glad I did!

After being stuck inside, not traveling anywhere, for a year, I was getting seriously burnt out. Most of my days were spent sitting at my desk, staring at a screen, for 12+ hours. I stopped being able to identify work time from rest time.

But I was also afraid of traveling during Covid. There were too many concerns and worries, and they never seemed to outweigh my desire for a change in scenery. 

All of this was affecting me physically, emotionally, mentally, in all ways.

So it was time to put my foot down and find a way to travel so I could get my sanity back. And a staycation was the best way for me to do this!

I could easily drive somewhere, choose a place to stay that wasn’t people-dense, and have some well-deserved R&R time. 

And that’s exactly what I did! AND IT WAS WORTH IT 10X OVER!

Here’s everything I gained by taking a staycation during Covid!

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1. A Change Of Pace & Scenery

We were locked down in March 2020, so it had almost been a full year since I was somewhere other than my desk and bed (can anyone else relate?). So finally being in a new environment (even if it was just a 2-hour drive away) was still a very welcome change of scenery.

It helped me refresh my mind, breathe in some new air, and change up my routine, and all of these do wonders for your mentality!

2. It Completely Lifted My Mood

There’s nothing like standing on the beach and watching the waves with a glass of wine in hand. To be honest though, I didn’t even need that to lift my mood. Just getting in the car with my travel bag was enough to give me a thrill.

It’s not that I wasn’t happy last year, but I definitely needed a boost. We were quarantined for so long and life was starting to feel like a drag. But being able to travel to a different location and take a breather? It was definitely the thing I needed to boost my mood!

3. Savored New Foods & Experiences

More than 30 restaurants had 4.5+ stars. There was a beach less than 5 minute walk from our beach cottage. I literally didn’t need anything else. I’m pretty good at cooking, but even I need a break to try out new food places! While I was on my staycation, I sampled Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Korean, and more!

Then throughout the day, I took walks on the beach, ate my weight in ice cream, afternoon napped, and rode some bike trails. Such simple pleasures, but they helped me feel healthier and alive than I did when I was stuck inside!

4. More Time With Family

Spending time with family is so important, now more than every. If anything, take a staycation during Covid so you can spend some time with family. It’s too easy while we’re stuck inside to neglect our relationships with others (anyone else accidentally ignore some friends for months? No? Just me?).

But this trip allowed me to spend some much needed time with my family. We got to sit outside, enjoy some delicious food, and laugh together without a care in the world. And it left me all warm and fuzzy inside. Definitely needed that time.

5. Increased Motivation To Excel

I sat down at my desk the Monday after I got back. There were 15+ tasks and 2 big projects on my plate. And I didn’t even care. In fact, I felt even more driven and excited to dive back into work. Taking that time off, stretching my legs, body, and mind, all of it helped me come back revitalized.

I didn’t take a break in over a year, and finally getting one opened me up to new opportunities, both on vacation and afterward. And now I’m ready to buckle down and grind through the work with new motivation and ideas!

In Conclusion…

I’m so happy I decided to take a staycation during Covid. I needed that time to rest and recuperate after spending a whole year stuck inside with the same routine. Now I can come back to work and life feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

Since this was an incredibly simple vacation, and I decided on it last-minute, I didn’t even think of using a travel agent. However, next time, I would definitely prefer to have Erin help me with planning my perfect vacation (especially since I’m so indecisive about the next place to go). She’s the best, and I 100% recommend her services because she’s incredibly sweet and dedicated to what she does!

Written by: Tinli Yarrington, Online Business Manager

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