I’m not the only one that’s been brainstorming spring break travel ideas since the beginning of this year, right?

Covid was still looming over our heads a bit at the beginning of this year, but with the vaccine out, better regulations in place, and more consistent numbers, we’re all starting to get a bit antsy to leave the house.

And spring break is coming up! What better time to get out there than now?

I’ve done my research for you so I can bring you the TOP destinations for this year of 2021! These are all incredibly popular destinations that many people have at the top of their travel lists, and for good reasons. So you should check them out (and add them to your top travel destinations!).

So without further ado, here are my top 10 spring break travel ideas for your next big-and-amazing vacation!

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#1. Maui

Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii, and it has the perfect combination of gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants, tourist destinations… without the enormous crowds that go to Oahu. There are tons of amazing places to snorkel, enjoy farm-to-table cuisine, hike during sunrise/sunset, and just breathe in the tropical land. You’ll never want to leave! (we’ve had clients that didn’t!)

#2. Oahu

Hey, just because we called out Oahu for its tourist numbers doesn’t mean this place isn’t PERFECT! Oahu has everything you could ever love and enjoy at a tropical island. They have Peal Harbor for the history, world-renown cuisine for the foodies, all sorts of water activities (kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, etc.) for ocean-lovers, top-of-the-line bars for the partiers, and more!

#3. Miami

No one leaves this place without having some fun! The beaches are balmy, the nightlife is rocking, the Latin culture is infused everywhere, the cuisine is diverse and delicious, and the views are spectacular. Head on over to Miami if you want a beachy vacation and all of your needs fulfilled.

#4. Los Cabos

We’re on a beach spree, but this one takes the cake! These beaches are famous for being absolutely stunning, and this island has the best scuba diving and luxury, all-inclusive resorts that you could ever want. It’s so close to L.A. (only a 2-hour flight for the perfect getaway!), and thousands of people flock there every year. Don’t miss out!

#5. Puerto Vallarta

There’s a reason why this place is known as a traveler’s paradise! There are so many fun places to explore and discover throughout the city, old town, all-inclusive resorts, beaches, and more! You can enjoy a luxurious vacation or do the budget experience, and you’ll get just as much out of both!

#6. Orlando

It’s a small world after all! Walt Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, the magic in a bubble isolated from the world, is a top destination for families and people of all ages! Disney was one of the 1st places to put in precautions for Covid, and you can be sure that you’ll be safe while having the time of your life. Enjoy world-famous theme parks, all types of shopping, the BEST food for every type, and fun nightlife!

#7. Las Vegas

Want to forget about 2020? Yeah, me too. That’s why Sin City is so appealing, because it gives us a chance to escape reality (and forget the pandemic) for a while. The lights, casinos, world-class dining, entertainment, parties… we all need that breather, don’t we?

#8. Isla Mujeres

My favorite part about Isla Mujeres is you get this gorgeous paradise without the huge crowds. The locals are incredibly kind, there are tons of cultural experiences, and there’s nothing more peaceful than walking along the white sand beaches. This is a Mayan culture paradise with the most beautiful clear waters; what’s not to love?

#9. Riviera Maya / Tulum

These small beach towns are so cute, and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the beach, local feel, and tropical paradise! It’s especially popular with young travelers, and the resorts are both affordable and gorgeous! It’s growing in popularity, and it’s even been coined the next Bali.

#10. Cancun

This place has been incredibly popular for years, and there are dozens of reasons why. Cancun has the best all-inclusive resorts in the world, plus white sand beaches, tons of outdoor activities, spa treatments, parties, and so much more! I also love that they have the perfect mix of budget to moderate to high-end luxury, so this place easily accommodates for ALL styles of travel!

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