After visiting both Magic Kingdom and Epcot, it was time to enjoy Animal Kingdom during Covid!

My favorite part about Animal Kingdom is the combination of wildlife and fun experiences. I love that I can enjoy a whole variety of experiences “around the world,” but in a completely different way than Epcot.

And with the new regulations Disney put in place, there are shorter lines and more time for magical memories! And I’m here to recap my trip so that you can learn more about how safe and fun Disney still is.

So without further ado, here is what my experience was like at Animal Kingdom during Covid!

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My Experience in Animal Kingdom During Covid

  • There were a lot of spaces in the park that were completely empty. The park, therefore, felt really safe and I had no worries about keeping distance.

  • The wait times were really low! You could ride flight of passage and other rides several times in a row if you wanted. However, Flight of Passage can still have wait times up to 2 hours or more. But I waited only 20 minutes for Flight of Passage! I had never waited for it so it was nice to see the queue so short.

  • They had the usual temperature checks, markers on the ground, and socially distanced queues. 

  • I loved how they have one entrance and exit for animal exhibits, restaurants, relaxation stations, etc. It really helps with traffic flow. 

  • I saw a ton of animals in the safari, even though I went pretty late. And there was no wait. 

  • I took the train and did the animation experience, which was great! They separated us into groups and had us individually stand up. We also kept the golf pencil rather than giving it back. 

  • I also did Dinosaur which I had never ridden, and it was walk on. 

  • I walked around the park and kept missing the character cavalcades (I was so bummed!). When I sat at Nomad Lounge to get gluten-free churros, I saw all of them until it started to rain. I saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Pocahontas, and Meeko. I love these cavalcades and hope they keep these; they are fantastic. 

  • The Nomad Lounge was relaxing and fantastic as always. (There will be a blog post on this soon!) 

  • I saw the gorillas, including baby Grace! She is absolutely adorable and just turned 16 months old on September 1st. 

  • They are still doing the interactions with the wilderness explorers for kids. This activity is wonderful and really helps engage the kids!

  • There are no shows yet, but I hope they come back soon. The Lion King show is my absolute favorite. 

  • I was only there for a few hours but got a lot done. It’s amazing how productive you can be when there are fewer people!

In Conclusion…

Animal Kingdom during Covid was just as fun and exhilarating as normal! I loved the short lines, the character experiences, and the safety regulations. Because Disney is so careful, I felt cared for, protected, and valued as a visitor. 

And I cannot wait to book my ticket back to Animal Kingdom during Covid!

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