Time to get an inside look into Magic Kingdom after reopening!

After venturing to Epcot a couple of weeks ago (read my blog post about it here!), now it was time for me to explore Magic Kingdom after reopening and see how things have or haven’t changed. 

Magic Kingdom is a park that is deceptively designed for younger audiences, but it is full of joyous experiences and activities that suit all ages. And especially since it gets really crowded normally, Magic Kingdom after reopening has been such a blessing.

So without further ado, let’s get into my personal experiences at this magical park!

Going To Magic Kingdom After Reopening

  • There were temperature checks and everyone wore masks. 
  • The cast members were constantly cleaning walls, pathways etc. to prevent the spread of germs and to keep everyone safe
  • I went to a relaxation station for a few minutes and it was nice to just sit and people watch. As soon as I got up, the cast member wiped and sanitized the table 
  • Cast members clean the rides every two hours to ensure that everyone is safe. They also offer hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each ride.
  • Being Disney’s most popular park, there were more people here than at Epcot. However, there were no places where I felt uncomfortable, and it was pretty easy to social distance. 

  • I saw one small parade with Goofy and Stitch on a stage, which was incredibly sweet and fun! They were really interactive and made all of us smile!
  • I was only there for a few hours, but I rode Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Little Mermaid, Goofy’s Barnstormer, and Space Mountain. The longest I waited was for Big Thunder, which was 30 minutes, but everything else was basically walk-on
  • Main street was basically empty and it was great to take my time taking pictures in front of the castle. 
  • I really enjoyed taking my time and not having to rush from ride to ride. To put it into perspective I normally would do 19 attractions in 17 hours or less, but today I was really able to take my time. 

Magic Kingdom after reopening was an amazing experience that I greatly missed during Covid, and I cannot wait to come back. (Of course, I’ll have to visit the other parks first!)

If you’re looking for a chance to go to Disney World with fewer people, lesser wait times, and more character experiences, then now is the perfect time to go!

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