I get it; you want to save money on your vacation. We all do. I mean, who doesn’t want those awesome deals and discounts so you can spend that money on souvenirs, family, or another vacation?

Vacations get be really expensive. You have to throw money in so many different places, like accommodations, food, transportation, flight, activities, and more. If you can save money in all those places, you could easily keep thousands in the bank. 

But how can you get those savings?

Get this: a travel agent can do more than help you plan your dream vacation. We have access to a whole directory of discounts, promotions, and travel savings, and we can easily help you take those big bucks of your vacation so you can put that money elsewhere!

So without further ado, here are a bunch of ways I can help you save money on your vacation (and get you some bonus steals to upgrade your budget trip to the next level)!

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Here Are Several Ways I Can Help You Save Money On Your Vacation

  • As a travel agent, I treat your vacation like it is my own. This means I take your budget and make your dream vacation a reality without your bank accounts crying. 
  • I have lists of hotels that meet different budgets and desires for families so you don’t have to worry about finding a decent place that suits your budget.
  • For Disney, I narrow down over 35 hotel choices to ensure you’re staying at the most beautiful place that perfectly fits your budget. No risk of overspending here! Using the three different categories of resorts at Disney Deluxe, Moderate, and Value, I take what your family wants and your budget to pick a resort that meets both. 
  • I had clients that were trying to stay off property, but when they called the hotel, they told them that the package included tickets to Walt Disney World. Knowing the price of Disney tickets, I know the quoted price of $1,500 did not include tickets, only dining vouchers. With my knowledge and expertise, my client was able to save a $3,000 surprise after their arrival from India. 
  • When a promotion becomes available for your booking, I apply for it right away on your behalf, potentially saving you thousands.
  • When promotions do come out, I can help you land them so you can go from staying from a Moderate to a Deluxe resort with better amenities and room sizes (score!).
  • By helping with travel insurance, I save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary cancellation and medical fees. One client was thinking of one insurance policy, but I was able to show her that another policy was actually less expensive and covered more.
  • At Disney especially, time is your best asset. I help my clients save time so they spend less time in lines and more time experiencing all that Disney has to offer. And believe me, this saves hundreds of dollars.
  • My services are free! If you book with Disney or another supplier directly, you are paying the full price with no assistance on discounts, promotions, or best insider tips.
  • When you book a cruise with me, I gift you an onboard credit to use on your vacation (don’t say no to free money!).
  •  I know current travel restrictions and can prevent you from getting stuck, missing flights due to impromptu testing, and more! No wasted money falling through rescheduled flights or lost luggage here!
  • I’ll help you avoid surprise charges, such as resort fees. I know which resorts do not include one in the final price, so I can catch those for you!
  • I have access to group rates for your travel, even if you are not part of a group. Love those bonus rates I can help you land so you get extra discounts.
  • We can set up a payment plan for your trip so you do not have to pay for it all at once. Don’t let your budget and bank account hold you back from your dream vacation! I am in your corner so you can focus on making memories on vacation, not all the small details with BIG payments.

In Conclusion…

With my knowledge of many destinations around the world, I can make your vacation easier, less stressful, more fun, and less expensive. 

A dream vacation should blow your budget and bank account out of the water. As your travel agent, I can ensure you save money on your vacation and have the trip of a lifetime!

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