Do you remember to get travel insurance every time you go on a trip? Do you even know what travel insurance is or what it can do for you?

Of course, when you’re making plans to travel, you consider as many things as possible. You want that perfect accommodation, those memorable activities, all the delicious food, and so much more. We imagine everything going perfectly on our vacation, but we often forget to plan for if things go awry. 

Knock on wood, but what if your luggage got stolen? How about if you got sick before your trip and had to cancel? What if you got sick DURING your trip and need medicine? What can help you when things do go perfectly?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what travel insurance is for! Travel insurance protects your travel investments for when things don’t go well. If something happens, you can contact your insurance provider, file a claim, and get reimbursed. It’s as easy as that, and it helps remove the worry off your shoulders.

But you might still be wondering if travel insurance is right for you. Or you’re wondering how to choose the right quote. Or you’re wondering what else you need to know so that you can get reimbursed properly.

Don’t fret! Disney may be my specialty, but I am well-versed in all things travel-related. I can help you organize your dream vacation while removing every worry or issue that may arise. But for now, let’s talk about travel insurance.

So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about how to do travel insurance right!

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What Can Travel Insurance Cover

Travel insurance can cover many aspects of your trip, which can help alleviate any stress or worry you have related to your vacation. Here are a few of the MANY things that it can cover for you!

  • Trip cancellation or interruptions
  • Emergency illness or injury
  • Baggage delay, loss, or theft
  • Bankruptcy of travel supplier
  • Unexpected travel delay

As you can see, travel insurance helps you plan for the unexpected so that you have 5+ fewer things to worry about!

How To Determine Your Quote

Here’s the info you’ll need to determine your travel insurance quotes:

  • The number of travelers in your party
  • The age of all your travelers
  • The dates you’re traveling
  • The total cost of your trip → here’s what you should include:
    • Pre-paid, non-refundable expenses
    • Accommodations
    • Flights
    • Tours
    • Cruises
    • Excersions

Keep all this information in mind when you want to determine your quote. But don’t worry; I can help you organize all this information so that you don’t have to worry about calculating every single bit (learn more here).

Dos and Donts for Travel Insurance

If you’re thinking about getting it, make sure you also consider these dos and don’ts. These will help prepare you for the best plans and the safest routes so that you can go on vacation with absolutely no worries.


  • Be upfront about pre-existing conditions
  • Compare plans to get the coverage you need most
  • Read through the plan and fine print to understand your coverage


  • Give inaccurate details when purchasing a plan
  • Pick the cheapest plan only because of the price
  • Avoid travel protection just because it’s an additional cost

Questions To Ask Yourself To See If You Need It

Still unsure about whether or not you need travel insurance? Ask yourself the following questions to help give yourself some clarity. 

  1. How much does your trip cost?
    1. If it’s pricey, you’ll definitely want travel insurance! You can protect your valuables and expensive trip from any fallouts, and it will barely make a dent in your expenses.
    2. If it’s not pricey, consider the following question.

  1. Are you traveling internationally?
    1. If yes, you’ll benefit more from having travel insurance. Abroad has many more unknowns, and there are even some countries that require it. So you’ll be safer (in more ways than one) with it.
    2. If you aren’t, consider the following question.

  1. Is your itinerary complicated?
    1. If you have a busy itinerary, you’re going to want to get those expensive activities covered! Travel insurance will help ensure you either get to enjoy your itinerary or get all your money back if things change (weather, sickness, etc.)
    2. If it’s a simple trip, consider the following (and final) question.

  1. Are you and your family healthy?
    1. If you are mostly healthy, then travel insurance isn’t 100% necessary. However, it’s always a safe thing to have to guarantee you don’t lose anything or have excess worries about your trip. It’s one less thing on your mind, for sure.
    2. If you and your family have some health concerns, then you will definitely want it. It helps to have the coverage in case you’ll need medicine or a hospital during your trip. You and your family will absolutely remain safe and protected with travel insurance.

In Conclusion…

Travel insurance is always a great thing to have, no matter where you travel. It helps create a level of protection so that you don’t have anything to lose on the vacation of your dreams.

But even if you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything there is about travel insurance, there’s nothing to worry about! Feel free to reach out to me if you need help organizing. Even if I’m not necessarily booking your trip, I’m still more than willing to give you a hand with travel insurance!

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