It’s time to get the spook on with all the Halloween events coming up!

October is here, and I bet I’m not the only one that’s terribly excited to enjoy the scary season in a fun and safe fashion.

But you may be wondering where that safe place would be so that you and your family can enjoy tons of Halloween sweet treats, fun activities, and new memories. 

Well, look no further than Florida, because both Disney and Universal are bringing the tricks and the treats with great Halloween events!

And I’d love to share some of these amazing highlights with you! 

So without further ado, here are some of the wonderful Halloween events that Disney and Universal are offering at their parks in spooky celebration!

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The Highlights of Halloween Events at Disney

  • There were fall decorations throughout the park that made the park look stunning. 
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and Pluto were greeting people at the train station in the morning.
  • The Dapper Dans dressed up and sang Halloween songs, which were so fun to hear
  • There were several cavalcades throughout the day. Listen for the music to know when they are going to come through. They take the parade route so you can see them whether you’re at the front of the park or in frontier land. 
  • Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore are dressed up in Halloween costumes! You can see them on a trolley or on the steps of Crystal Palace throughout the day 

  • There are Halloween treats throughout the park all the time!
  • There is a Villains and Princess cavalcade, which was perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy cavalcades, and the Villains cavalcades, play songs from the “BOO to You!” parade. 
  • Best Tip for Cavalcades: Sit on the grassy area in front of the castle and listen for the music to get louder. That indicates that a cavalcade is on its way down Main street. 
  • Adults and children alike can dress up to get into the Halloween spirit. Plus the characters will complement your costumes, which is thrilling for the kids!

The Highlights of Halloween Events at Universal

  • The virtual queues allow you to make reservations as long as you’re close to the park. This is really convenient for both prior to entering the park and for the rides themselves!
  • There are two haunted houses with varying levels of scare. They are designed for teenagers 13+, so be wary of this.
    • One haunted house is Frankenstein-themed, so there were a few jumpscares and a great atmosphere.
    • The second haunted house is called “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy,” and it was very gory with plenty of jumpscares. Certainly Halloween-appropriate, but I wouldn’t go in if you don’t think you can handle it.
  • The Scarecrow Stalk is a really fun event where you find 13 different skeletons and scarecrows in the 13 different stores. If you collect a stamp at each location, you get a candy sampler bag!

  • The Skeleton Bar has tons of themed food and drinks, which is the perfect place to relax between Halloween events
  • Trick-or-treating is an option at Islands of Adventure for kids 12 and younger. And costumes are allowed everywhere as long as they aren’t gory!
  • There are tons of treats everywhere, including gummy hearts, rice crispy treats, and doughnuts! And you can mobile-order them to avoid waiting.

In Conclusion…

Both Disney and Universal are jam-packed will fun Halloween events to keep the spooky season safe, fun, and scary!

There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate Halloween while staying safe, enjoying the treats, and getting the occasional spook. 

These Halloween events only last through October 31st, so make your reservations fast!

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