To all my Disney lovers and Disney fans out there…

To all of my past and present clients…

To all of my lurkers and dedicated community members…

I am here to express my thanks.

It’s the month of November, it’s the end of 2020, and so it’s time to get a bit sentimental. It’s been a very rough year, and we’ve all experienced ups-and-downs, but we made it.

And I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you being here.

Even though this has been a trying year for us all, I want to say thank you for your support. I cannot do this without you and your support. Your referrals and testimonials help my business grow so I can continue to help families create magical memories around the world.

I am very excited for what the future holds. Look forward to all the vacations I can book for you, whether that is a resort close to home,  a trip through Europe, relaxing in Tahiti, or visiting Disney itself

 I’m here for you when you are ready to travel. Please continue to share my information. I cannot do this without you (and who knows, there might be a bonus waiting for you for every referral you send my way!). I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday season, and a very happy 2021. 

So how about those free resources???

To thank all of you for your support, I want to make all of you aware of all the free stuff I can offer to you!

  • Want to learn more about how you can stuff your face with Hakuna Matata (no worries!) on your next Disney vacation? Download your FREE guide here!
  • If you’d like to hear the best insider tips for traveling to Disney in an intimate setting where all of your questions and curiosities will be answered, join my new Facebook group! We’d love to see you there!
  • Ready for a magic-filled, stress-free Disney vacation planned fully FOR FREE? Request a free quote from me to get started!

If you have any questions, reach out! I’m always here to help you in any way I can so that you can have that dream vacation.

Lots of love and support,