With Hawaii opening its doors back up for tourists, there’s a ton of excitement now for Disney Aulani reopening! 

The official opening date is November 1, and I cannot wait to relax on the beach with a cocktail while enjoying the amazing cuisine and sunset.

But, of course, with the reopening, many people are wondering what the new procedures are and how safe they’ll be if they travel to Aulani resort.

The priority of the resort is to ensure the safety of both the guests and the cast members working there. And with Disney’s dedication to safety and happiness, there’s basically zero Covid threat!

Plus, as the temperatures drop, your physical and mental health will be so much better if you spend your time in warmer weather, so what are you waiting for?

Without further ado, here are several of the new procedures, deals, and updates that are in place with the Disney Aulani reopening!

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New Updates With Disney Aulani Reopening

  • Prior to travel to Hawaii, you must take a mandatory pre-travel Covid test to make sure you aren’t carrying the virus and putting others at risk. This makes me feel a whole lot better about traveling to Hawaii, and I can enjoy my vacation without worrying about the virus
  • No person exhibiting Covid symptoms can enter the resort, which helps ensure the safety of all visitors
  • All guests 2 and older, as well as staff members, must wear face coverings
  • All guests must use online check-in when they first show up at the resort. This helps limit contact amongst people.
  • All services and rooms are thoroughly cleaned to significantly decrease the spread of germs
  • All shopping and dining interactions now have new limited contact-services so that we can continue to social-distance. This includes menu QSR codes and cashless payments
  • There are new modifications to dining and recreation options, including menus and operating hours
  • You can find hand sanitizer all around the Aulani resort 
  • During your stay, there will be a cleaning service every other day, which includes trash removal, towel replenishment, and surface cleaning. You can choose to decline the cleaning service if you wish
  • Aulani resort is now a smoke-free resort in order to promote the health and safety of all

In Conclusion…

There are several new procedures in place to make sure all guests have a safe and magical Hawaiian vacation! 

The fresh atmosphere of Hawaii and Aulani resort will remove all of the tension from Covid. And it will help you approach 2021 with a fresh perspective and new energy.

So if you’re ready to say “Aloha” to happier moods and experiences, then time to celebrate the Disney Aulani reopening! You better fly over there ASAP while the discounts last this season!

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