You can totally have an amazing time at Disney’s Epcot for adults!

People often think that “Disney’s just for kids” or “If my family’s going to Disney, I’m going to be so bored.” But actually, the opposite is the truth!

There’s almost TOO MANY things for adults at Disney World, but no place has every box ticked off like Epcot does. I mean, it has delicious food, world travel opportunities, thrilling rides, award-winning performances, and so much more!

So without further ado, here’s a quick snapshot of everything to enjoy at Disney’s Epcot for adults!

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Quick Overview of Disney’s Epcot For Adults

  • Epcot is the perfect place for a date night!
  • It has some of the best food and drinks out of all the parks
  • Some of my personal favorites are Le Cellier and Chefs de France for the perfect dining locations
  • Snack on the booths around the world during each festival (you can literally eat your way around the world during the festivals, it’s so fun!)
  • Enjoy drinks around the world; each country has its own special drinks!
  • For full size drinks for the same price, be sure to visit The Rose and Crown Pub in England
  • Take pictures in each country or get engaged in your favorite country for memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Experience the culture and food of each country.
  • Enjoy the fireworks in the evening as the perfect way to close out the evening

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