Besides Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom for kids is an absolute must!

Each park has such a unique feel, and Animal Kingdom is no exception. And because it’s filled with animals, out-of-this-world experiences, and so much more, your kids are bound to fall in love with it!

So without further ado, here are just a handful of my tips for making the most of your time at Animal Kingdom with your kids!

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Quick Tips & Tricks for Animal Kingdom For Kids

  • If your child loves animals, then Animal Kingdom is a must!
  • The Kilimanjaro Safari is best to do in the morning before kids get too tired, and you will see a lot of animals at this time. 
  • If your kids love dinosaurs, check out Dino Land! And you definitely can’t miss Dinosaur the ride (although it can be scary for younger ones, it’s a ton of fun!)
  • The character cavalcades come through on boats throughout the day. The best place to watch these is outside at Nomad Lounge! You can sit and enjoy while eating appetizers and drinking alcoholic/non alcoholic concoctions. 
  • Shows like the Lion King and Finding Nemo are a delight for kids of all ages!
  • Explore the wilderness as a Wilderness Explorer with Russel! This is a great way to get the kids on adventures throughout the park.
  • Tusker House is a great family-friendly option for food. It offers meals throughout the day AND characters can pop in at any time!
  • The most popular rides for kids are Na’avi River Journey and TriceraTop Spin

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