After spending some time over at Disney World after reopening, it’s time to experience the Universal Orlando reopening!

I was curious to see how the people managing the Universal Orlando reopening were keeping their visitors safe while they’re having fun.

And I have to say: they did a really great job!

It was easy to avoid people and social distance, all while hopping on short lines and enjoying the atmosphere. And I cannot wait to come back!

So without further ado, let’s talk about my experience during the Universal Orlando reopening!

My Insider Look Into The Universal Orlando Reopening

  • There were temperature checks and hand sanitizer everywhere. 
  • I really liked that they made everyone use hand sanitizer before getting on all of the rides (I know other people would not like that because of allergies etc, but it made me feel safer). 
  • The park was clean and there were people cleaning and wearing masks. 
  • Universal does not have park reservations so these parks were more crowded, which you could tell. I personally am going to avoid weekends for now (but I have the luxury to do so and not everyone does). I am not sure if this will change once schools go back full time. 

  • Volcano Bay is open here so that is nice. No masks required except for when getting food, or when you’re entering or leaving
  • The longest I waited was for The Forbidden Journey (Hogwarts castle ride) and that was 15 minutes. 
  • I ended up getting to Hagrid’s motorbike adventure not too far after opening and only waited about 15 minutes. In comparison, we went in March before everything went down and waited 2 hours (totally worth it, but just for a comparison)

  • All of the lines and rides were socially distanced. I even had my own log in the Dudley Do Rights Rip RipSaw Falls and row on the Hulk.
  • I was almost placed with another family on Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, but they moved me so that we could stay apart.
  • They did a great job with characters on stages where you were still able to take selfies. They also had mini parades throughout the day. 
  • I ate outside at Mythos; it is one of my favorite restaurants on property for allergies, and they allowed me to enjoy my time there for over an hour!

All in all,

The Universal Orlando reopening is a complete success, and I had an amazing time! They have tons of regulations in place to ensure that all visitors stay safe and have fun.

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