Things are starting to look up, so you, like hundreds of others, should start to book your dream vacation!

I hear several thoughts you’re having around this:

  • I’m still not comfortable going on a trip during the pandemic
  • I can’t afford to go on a trip right now because money has been tight
  • Is it even worth it to travel right now when so many others are?
  • Do the travel deals still stand this year?

All of these questions revolve around one point: should you book travel now? And the answer is a resounding YES.

Why? Because travel is so completely dirt-cheap right now, and it would be such a waste to not use it to your advantage! The travel industry wants you to travel so bad right now, everything is tailored in your favor so that you save tons of money. 

And even if you don’t travel now, you can easily book travel for the future and it’ll still be in your favor! But you have to book now to reap those rewards. The sooner you book, the better!

So without further ado, here are my top 3 reasons why you must book your dream vacation sooner rather than later!

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Reason #1. Transportation is So Cheap!

It’s isn’t an exaggeration to say that traveling is the cheapest it’s been in YEARS! Airlines especially are keeping things on the cheaper side for travel as far out as next January. Cruises also have dropped their prices so that you can schedule your cruise several months out for crazy-low costs. And that’s just the beginning.

They want you to travel, especially because last year was so rough for the travel industry, so they’ll entice you to travel with lower prices. Take advantage of that! Book your travel plans now so you can have your dream vacation for the cheapest price!

Reason #2. Cancellation and Refund Policies Are In Your Favor

Since you’re booking far out AND helping out the travel industry with your planning, many companies are being extra forgiving with their policies. You’re getting discounts everywhere on your trip, but even if you have to back out, most places will give you all your money back! 

Your best bet for making the most of your money? (you might be surprised)

  • Choose the dates you want to take your amazing trip
  • Pick a dream vacation spot with the best deals
  • Book directly with the airline and hotel so you can easily change or cancel your plans. Make sure their policies are all in your favor
  • Monitor the situation as the dates approach
  • If everything works out? You just landed your dream vacation at the best prices and you can easily make the most of your time!
  • If things don’t work out? You can now easily change the dates of your trip without spending extra, redeem a voucher so you can easily rebook when you’re ready, or you can refund everything without losing a dime.

Reason #3. Easy & Cheap Time To Stock Up Milage For Future Travel

Got the time to travel? Now’s the time to stock up on travel points on your card so you can save EVEN MORE on future travel! There are tons of credit cards with amazing travel benefits, so the more you book travel now, the more rewards you get to reap. Besides you’re getting amazing deals on this trips, so you’re literally saving thousands of dollars by booking trips now, and all those points you rack up will save you even more thousands. How awesome is that?

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