We had 12 days of getaways, now it’s time for 12 days of best travel tips!

We all want to travel and escape being stuck inside for yet another year, right? It’s 2021, and many places have implemented safety precautions, so it’s safer to travel now than ever!

But it’s still been quite a while since we’ve gotten out to explore, and we want to make sure we’re doing it right. 

That’s why I’m here to make sure you’re prepared with the best travel tips for your next vacation!

Without further ado, here are the best 12 days of travel tips so you can travel better, longer, and smarter on your next vacation!

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Travel Tip #1: Bring An Easy-To-Pack Water Filter

The water quality is very different in other countries, and it’s impossible to know whether tap water is safe to drink. Whenever you’re traveling abroad, take an easy-to-pack water filter with you so you’re always drinking safe water.

Travel Tip #2: Pack Flip Flops Or Water-Resistant Shoes

You never know when you’ll get caught in a surprise rainstorm when you’re on vacation. Better to be prepared than caught off-guard with shoes soaked through and feeling miserable all day. Keep a pair of flip flops or water-resistant shoes in your day pack at all times!

Travel Tip #3: Pack A Surge-Protected Power Strip with USD Chargers

It always feels like there are never enough outlets when you’re on vacation, right? The best way to avoid this (and ensure that there’s always an outlet when you need one) is to pack a power strip with you on every vacation! Make sure it has surge protection and USB chargers so that your electronics to get accidentally fried and so everyone can charge what they need.

Travel Tip #4: Talk To The Locals For The Best Advice

No one knows the best tips for your vacation spot like the locals do! If you want to know the perfect places to eat, see unique sights, or try something new, then talk to the local bartenders and servers. I promise you, you’ll hear new tips that you’ll never have considered otherwise!

Travel Tip #5: Take A Picture Of Where Your Car Is Parked At The Airport

The last thing you want to do after coming back from your dream vacation is to spend an hour trying to find your car in the sea of cars at the airport. The best way to avoid this is to take a picture of where it is at the airport so you can just pull up the picture when you come back!

Travel Tip #6: Always Travel With A Reusable Water Bottle

You can save so much more money, time, waste, and effort by carrying a reusable water bottle on your person when you travel. It’s also more sanitary and better insulated, so it’s a much safer option while traveling, especially in 2021!

Travel Tip #7: Don’t Plan Every Minute Of A Trip

The best memories are made spontaneously! Of course, you can create a plan of everything you want to do when you’re on vacation, but don’t stick to a rigid schedule. Allow for some flexibility so you can try new things and make new discoveries!

Travel Tip #8: Choose That First Flight Out

This is the best way to make the most of your vacation and start it off nice and strong with minimal stress! Fewer people choose those early flights, and therefore you can enjoy fewer people, more relaxing time, and a better start to your vacation by choosing that first flight out. 

Travel Tip #9: Always Try Something New!

You’re going on vacation to take a break from your “normal” life, right? Then what’s the point in just staying within your comfort zone? Go out and try something you aren’t able to do typically. Vacation is the time to try something new!

Travel Tip #10: Take A Picture Of Your Passport And All Credit Cards Before Traveling

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll want to have a record of your passport and credit cards. This way, should anything happen to you or your stuff, you’ll still have access to the important stuff. So take those pictures before you leave!

Travel Tip #11: Be Kind To All Staff Members

Hey, the staff are people too! You’d be surprised how often people forget that. Just because you’re on vacation does NOT excuse you from treating the people around you poorly or as though they are beneath you. Be kind to those around you, especially the staff members that are working so hard to give you the vacation of your dreams.

Travel Tip #12: Take A Picture Of Your Hotel Room Number

Most keys don’t have the room noted on them anymore, and the last thing you want is to come back to your hotel after a long day with no idea which room you’re staying in. Take a quick picture of your hotel room number, just in case it slips your mind!

In Conclusion…

It’s a new year with tons of new opportunities for you to travel! I hope these 12 days of best travel tips help better prepare you for your next dream vacation. 

The world is establishing safety measures so that you can venture out this year, so take advantage of the opportunity and get out there! It will do a world of good for your sanity and wellbeing in the new year.

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