Yes, it is 100% possible to go on that dream summer vacation during Covid. You just have to play your cards right.

More people are getting the vaccine, and it is predicted that the majority of the US population will have it by the summer. That gets all of us really excited for traveling this summer. 

But I bet you’re wondering: is there anything I need to keep in mind before I travel? What locations are safe? What do I need to know with Covid around?

Let’s answer ALL of those questions so you can take that dream summer vacation during covid with hakuna matata (if you didn’t know that means “no worries,” we need to talk). 

So without further ado, here are my top 10 tips for planning your dream summer vacation during Covid!

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Tip #1. Schedule That Covid-19 Test

All air passengers need to show a negative Covid test before boarding a flight. Even if you aren’t flying, it’s still 100% in your favor to ensure you’re not carrying anything before going to a different location. The CDC recommends getting that test done 1-3 days before traveling so the results are as fresh as possible. Also, keep a copy of your results on you at all times while you travel (better safe than sorry).

Tip #2. Plan For Covid Rules

Some places require quarantine, some places require masks, some places restrict groups, you get the picture. Double-check all of these potential rules before you travel (or even choose to travel) to your dream spot. Have some alternatives in mind in case your 1st choice has heavy rules and restrictions that take the fun out of your trip. And also make sure you note all the rules so you follow them accordingly at your destination.

Tip #3. Purchase Travel Insurance

This is so important now more than ever. Your travel pans could change in an instant with vaccines still rolling out, people still getting sick, emergencies happening, etc. It’s better to be 100% prepared than to be caught off guard and lose thousands. So choose a travel insurance plan that suits you and your needs (and also covers incidents from Covid). 

If you’ve got questions and concerns about travel insurance, not to worry! Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you find that perfect plan.

Tip #4. Don’t Forget Your Mask

Wearing a mask will help you (and others) limit the spread of any unwanted germs. Most places will require you to wear a mask everywhere, and you can never be too careful. You can remove it when you’re outside and distanced from others, but keep one on you so you can protect yourself.

Tip #5. Choose Easy Options For Summer Travel

Your best bets for traveling are the places that are easy, accessible, and aren’t hot spots this summer. Drive destinations are much easier than flights, trains, and boats. Vacation rentals are cheaper in the long-run and ensure you have a space to yourself. All-inclusive resorts offer you everything you need at your convenience. Outdoor activities and destinations will expose you even less. Keep all of these points in mind so that you can choose the perfect place that poses the least threat and the most convenience.

Tip #6. Pay A Bit More For Flexibility

If you’re still feeling unsure about traveling and think you’re prone to quick cancellations, it might be more worth your while to pay a bit more so you are guaranteed a full refund. I know that the non-refundable rates are tempting (we’re always looking to save money for future trips!), but especially now, it’s better to know you’ll get all your money back.

Tip #7. Check The Rules & Policies For Cancellations & Refunds

You don’t want to lose money when you can avoid it! Before booking anything, check the rules they have in place due to Covid. If you want certain policies, then chosoe the places that accomodate for any cancellations and/or refunds you may need. But even if places don’t have the policies you want, you might be able to get them to bend the rules for you a bit if you cancel early enough and are very nice about it. But if places still don’t let you get a refund, consider asking them for a voucher; they’re much more likely to grant you this during these times.

Tip #8. PEP It Up (Pandemic Essentials Purse)

Keep this convenient bag on you at all times! You can fill this purse with all the pandemic essentials you might need, such as:

  • Face masks (keep a spare or two)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Health insurance cards
  • Thermometer
  • Latex gloves (1-time use, and bring several sets)
  • Snacks

Now you’ll prepared for any pandemic-related situation during your trip!

Tip #9. Prioritize Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are the best choice for fun this summer because they’re more likely to be open and safer. These include outdoor landmarks, outdoor seating for restaurants, and other outdoor fun (ie. swimming at the beach, hiking a nearby mountain, biking along the road by your accomodation). Keep in mind though that hours might be different and reservations might be mandatory. 

Tip #10. Book With A Travel Advisor

We do so much more than just book your trip. As your travel advisor, I can take all of your fears, worries, guidelines, limitations, etc. in mind and translate them into your dream vacation. I can keep you updated with all changes and issues that may arise. I can get you the best discounts and the latest insider tips into your destination. Especially when the travel rules are constantly changing right now, it’s key to have someone supporting you!

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