Disney World is a location that many only dream of visiting. 


There are so many amazing things to do there: fun rides, delicious food, incredible staff and characters, interactive family activities, and so much more!


But when you decide to take that first step forward towards planning your vacation, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with everything that you’ll have to keep in mind while planning.


Never fear! I created this list of my top 10 tips to keep in mind so that you can get the magical Disney vacation you’ve dreamed so much about!


#1. Book as early as possible

Booking at least 180 in advance gets you better access to difficult to get dining reservations. Since the introduction of the Disney dining plan, reservations have become harder and harder to get. It also allows you to have more of a selection of a variety of resorts for all budgets and family needs.


#2. Be flexible

Sometimes it is not possible to be flexible, but if you can swing it, going at less crowded times during the year can help you see some of the most popular rides and attractions with less crowds and less lines. One of my favorite times is the week after Thanksgiving. The parks are still decorated for the Holidays without the crowds of the week between Christmas and New Years.


#3. Have a plan

I remember walking into Cinderella’s Royal Table when I was three years old and saying we would like to eat here for dinner. Sadly, that can no longer happen and people who wait too long to make dining reservations at some of the most popular restaurants are now out of luck. With a plan in mind you can also avoid the most crowded parts of the day which means less waiting in line and more time to create unforgettable memories.


#4. Take advantage of Fast passes

Fast passes allow you and your family to skip the regular line, which in turn enables you to enjoy more attractions. You are able to book fast passes 60 days in advance of your vacation. Keep in mind, fast passes are simply not needed on some of these attractions.


#5. Use the Dining Plan

The standard Disney Dining plan enables you to enjoy a sit down lunch or dinner with your family, have one snack credit per person, and a quick service lunch or dinner.


#6. Don’t feel like you have to do it all

With so much to see and do at Walt Disney World Resort it is easy to become overwhelmed. Take your time and enjoy this unprecedented time with your family.

#7. Use Memory Maker

Memory allows you to not worry about loosing your camera, your phone running out of battery, and it allows the entire family to have documentation of all of the magical memories throughout your trip.


#8. Don’t worry if not everything goes as planned

If a ride breaks down, you get seated later for your dining reservation or you just miss the bus to the park, take a breathe and enjoy your time with family.


#9. Use a travel agent

Many travel agent’s services are free and can provide you with insider knowledge like where is the best place to stand for the fireworks. What restaurant is the best for Italian food and so much more.


#10. Have fun!

Planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation with so many pieces can be stressful. Remember that you and your family will be making memories to last a lifetime and it is supposed to be fun!


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