I claimed that Disney during COVID would make me feel safer than my local Target or grocery store. I said this before I even went to the parks. Now that I finally went back to Disney during COVID…

I can say with 100% confidence that I was correct.

Disney World made me feel especially safe, and Epcot was the best place for my first trip back to Disney during COVID. And if you want to learn more about what’s being offered in Epcot, visit Disney’s official site!

Want to hear more about my experiences in Epcot and why I had an amazing time? Just keep reading and find out my 10 reasons why my trip to Epcot (and Disney during COVID in general) was the best!

My 10 Reasons Why Epcot Was Amazing

  1. The park was even cleaner than before if that’s even possible. Everywhere I turned, there was someone cleaning something, making sure that everything was germ-free and safe.

  1. You can really tell that park attendance is limited. My longest wait was 25 minutes for Frozen, and that was only because it was down. Disney made sure that park admittance was very limited during COVID so that we were staying distanced while still having fun.

  1. It was very easy to stay spaced out and I certainly felt safer than when going to the grocery store or Target. Cast members were always looking out for us to ensure we were safe distances. And all of us made sure we were wearing masks and practicing social distancing. With all the open air and extra space to walk around, it was really safe and I never felt crowded.

  1. The low crowds were really really nice and it didn’t take more than a few hours for me to finish enjoying the park. It was nice to not have people on top of you.

  1. Everyone was wearing masks unless they were sitting and eating or drinking. This really helped me feel more secure, and I walked around without every feeling worried about the virus.

  1. There were relaxation stations, which were great places for people to practice social distancing and enjoy some of the many amazing drinks that Epcot has to offer. 

  1. The character cavalcades are awesome! There were tons of opportunities to see many lovable characters, and I hope they keep those after this is all done. 

  1. The characters do a really good job of interacting with you even though you are not face-to-face or in close proximity to them.

  1. The Skyliner has one family per Skyliner. Since it wasn’t too hot, the experience wasincredibly fun and relaxing.

  1. There are temperature checks, hand washing stations, and hand sanitizers everywhere. This ensured that everyone was staying safe and clean.

In Conclusion…

I felt really safe during my time at Disney during COVID. Plus, I also had a ton of fun without ever worrying about the virus. 

Disney really did an amazing job ensuring that people are staying safe, clean, and protected during their time at Disney.

I cannot wait until my next trip back to Disney (Magic Kingdom, here I come!). And I still very confidently state that Disney during COVID is much safer than any store.

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